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Jasmine Star Workshop | European Wedding Congress 2015

Wow, I still can’t believe it! I followed her blog since I started my photography business seriously. And it’s not just because of her pictures. It’s more about her ability to inspire people in so many ways why I love her that much. She is an expert for branding your business with your personality, creating an experience for your clients, just being you and believing in yourself and your personal skills. And not just selling products, pictures or any service to your clients. And I love her enthusiasm, besides her beauty. And now I had the opportunity to meet her in person during the European Wedding Congress 2015 in the Netherlands.

Of course I am talking about Jasmine Star.

I felt really stupid and nearly nervous like a 16year-old teenager as I saw JD (her husband) on the first day in the beautiful Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche and not very long after him, I saw her smile shining through the crowds of people, already gathering around her. She is definetly a rockstar and it felt surreal standing next to her, it seemed as if she just jumped out of my screen where I used to watch her Creative Live Workshops.

Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche

During the first day she spoke during the Congress and of course the other speakers (Louise from B.Loved, KT Merry and Pearl and Sheena from Pearl & Godiva) had been very inspirational as well and Pearl remarkably hit a spot inside of me with this quote:

Sometimes the heart knows that something is right, even before the intellect knows it!
– free after Pearl from Pearl & Godiva

But Jasmine rocked the house.

Jasmine Star about to start her presentationJasmine Star and her husband JDJasmine Star during her presentation

But after talking to her for the very first words and during the whole workshop day I suddenly realized why I am so attracted to her: she is just a real nice, kind and wise person! It’s just as simple as that! JD and Jasmine are probably one of the kindest and friendliest couple I met since a long time and I love being a part of the Jasmine Star Workshop Community now.

Jasmine Star + Jasmin Schümann

The workshop started with inspirational talk about branding and branding your business with your personality. And that’s where the lessons from Jasmine come together with Pearl’s quote from above: my heart already knows the change I will make with my business! So be prepared for some changes here in the near future.

Jasmine and JD shared their knowledge in every part of their business and there wasn’t a question they would not answer, but having fun was also a side effect of the whole day:

Ray and JD having funJasmine Star and JD teaching

Jasmine Star teaching

The second part of the day we had the opportunity to shoot a real couple in the beautiful surroundings of the Kasteel. And of course I won’t leave you without the pictures. 😉

Jasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding CoupleJasmine Star Workshop Wedding Couple

Doesn’t the whole shooting has this Downton Abbey-feeling for you? I always had to think of this wonderful show during editing this pictures. And who thought that a shooting in the Netherlands could have the feeling of England and a picture-style like being in Italy in store for me?!

Probably it was because of the stunning location dress etc. And that’s why I will tell you, who is to thank for the styling of the shoot:

Workshop: Jasmine Star
Wedding Couple: Barbara and Yuri
Weddinggown: Unielle Couture
Weddingbouquet: Giada Graziani by Don Florito
Hair & MakeUp: The Beautiful Bride Company
Jewellery: DRKS

Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche

With this picture of the Kasteel nearly at night, I will leave you for now. And as always I’m more than happy about any comment and to hear your opinion.

Be you – always!


  • We’re so happy to hear you had such a good time at the event Jasmin! And obviously, we cannot take Ray anywhere 😉
    Thank you for attending and we wish you nothing but the very best for your business!

  • Thank you Anouschka for making all this possible. And I loved being surrounded by people who like to have fun, so I think Ray can stay! 😉 Have a beautiful wedding season yourself!

  • Jasmin these photos are stunning! You did a fantastic job capturing the day despite all the elbows and people in the way!!

  • Thank you, Amber! Hope you are happy with your results, too?!

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