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Engagement-Shooting in Kiel: S + A

They came with bags full of clothes, a beach-blanket and a life-saver, because they wanted a shooting before their wedding which represents the nautic style they live their life like.

A. is a real mariner who cruises through the oceans of our beautiful planet on a cruise ship and S. had to survive sometimes weeks without him. But in May she will become his wife and only harbor to sail back to.

During our session A. fell on a knee again and demonstrated how he proposed to his love of his life. It seems as if he couldn’t get enough of that feeling she gave him when she said ‘yes’. And they will save ‘yes’ again, to each other in some weeks and I will have the honor to document their day, their wedding. Of course there’s another beach shooting to be planned, but then we will see S. in a beautiful white dress as a bride. Be patient – there will be more pictures to come here 😉

S + A – Thanks for sharing your Saturday afternoon with me. I had fun in the sun and I hope you had, too?! We were lucky and had an incredible sunny day, although the water in the baltic sea was still a bit cold. I hope you could enjoy some more of such summer days this summer together!!

Who wants to see more of these mariners, can click here for a slideshow.

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