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Engagement-Shooting in Kiel: Mona + Erik

Mona and Erik will get married in a couple of weeks in the uber-fab wedding month of May and I will be the lucky one to document their love and their extra special day as their wedding photographer. As we sat together last year to discuss their day and all of the booking details, Erik didn’t seem to be so comfortable with the idea of being in front of a camera. And that’s what I always love most about these fun and relaxed engagement-session right before the wedding. Mostly, the groom can get to know my style of documenting, just experiencing my way of communicating with them and realise that being photographed by me is just one ordinary thing: Fun!

We met last Saturday and Mona and Erik had decided to have their Saturday morning breakfast in the park.

But it couldn’t last long, because of the cold and still very wintery spring we experience here in the northern parts of Germany. But in some sport attire they made themselves warm and as huge fans of our local handball-team THW Kiel, they showed me their personal moves with a handball.

After an outfit change we made some more formal and portrait shots of the two lovebirds and I love how Erik’s behavior changed in front of my camera and he seriously felt and looked like  the ‘Superman’ I wanted him to be since the beginning of the shooting.

Mona and Erik – I loved photographing your relaxed Saturday morning and I personally apologise for the cold you have to suffer from. I wish I could have added 10°C to the temperatures, but I’m sure your wedding day will pay us back and will have plenty of warmth and sun for us… 😉

Who wants to see more of these lovebirds, can click here for a slideshow.

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